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Name: Mark
ID: 18924


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RANK 13974 RANK 176
TOP 3's 0 TOP 3's 1
TOP 10's 0 TOP 10's 3
TOP 20's 0 TOP 20's 5
Total Points 0 Total Points 315
Basic Member  
  VENUE DATE   Additional Chips  
  May Monthly Tournament**   Sunday, June 13, 2021      0   
    Cafe Istanbul Grill/Bar*   Venue inactive, qualifying will be moved to new location and date      0   
    Brimstone Restaurant And Tavern   Monday, October 20, 3000      200   
* = inactive venue, qualifyings will usually be transfered to another venue: Watch the website for updates.
** League Monthly Tournament qualifiers will change as results are posted. Results should be final by the 5th day of each month
    Brimstone Restaurant And Tavern   Monday, May 24, 2021   21   16th   6
    Brimstone Restaurant And Tavern   Wednesday, May 19, 2021   22   1st   132
    Brimstone Restaurant And Tavern   Friday, May 14, 2021   31   20th   9
    Brimstone Restaurant And Tavern   Wednesday, May 12, 2021   21   4th   96
    Brimstone Restaurant And Tavern   Tuesday, May 11, 2021   21   6th   72
    Brimstone Restaurant And Tavern   Friday, April 09, 2021   22   1st   132
    Joe's Sports Bar & Grill   Saturday, October 31, 2020   25   6th   72
    Brimstone Restaurant And Tavern   Friday, July 03, 2020   31   12th   18
    Cafe Istanbul Grill/Bar   Tuesday, June 09, 2020   21   2nd   120
    Hudson Grille North Point   Wednesday, February 19, 2020   41   8th   96
    Hudson Grille North Point   Wednesday, February 12, 2020   41   18th   12
    The Tavern House -Alp   Friday, June 07, 2019   61   14th   36
    The Tavern House -Alp   Friday, May 31, 2019   42   9th   72
    Wild Wing Cafe   Monday, April 08, 2019   41   18th   12
    Cinema Tavern   Saturday, October 28, 2017   21   15th   12
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